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  John Morris, Director

Sometimes things do not actually work out quite as planned - or expected ...

• You may know that a specific Foreign Company makes the goods you want - but you can't quite seal the deal
• You may have heard that - China, say - is a very good Buyers market, and need somebody to find the exact product and quality you need
•  You may have sent an email to a Company, only to get no response? We have learnt that you may need to Fax them, in both English and Chinese, separately, and tell them to check their email - strange, but true! This advice is for-free :-)
• You may have done your deal in theory, but need somebody to sort out the Export Taxes, Shipping Agents and Export Licence - or you may need to work via an Agent based in Hong Kong
• We will offer you Best Service to resolve these, and other issues - this is what we do


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