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Thailand is a diverse and wonderful country, with many ancient traditions and remarkable architecture
We will help you plan the holiday you want - from the moment you arrive in Thailand, we can look after your every need, or we can supplement the needs of independent travellers

Normally you will book your own flight to Thailand, and arrange your own tourist visa. If you stay for at least 3 weeks, you will have enough time to sample the delights of this terrific country

If you plan to stay for several months, we can arrange for you to have your own apartment. A luxury 3-bed, 2 bath apartment in Bangkok will cost around $400 per month fully inclusive; complete with furniture, bedding, TV, washing machine, fridge-freezer and air-conditioning, western kitchen, security and all bills

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Made to Order Holidays
Floating Market, Bangkok

We are please to provide any itinerary you wish, and can combine many diverse elements of your choice. Our experienced team can also advise you about what to see and do. Different members of your group can also choose different options and excursions. Below we have listed a sample of the more popular sight-seeing trips

For real cultural exchange experiences, we can arrange for you to stay in small towns and rural villages, talk to locals and participate in local traditions and crafts. You can meet with, and even stay with, ordinary Thai families, and we are happy to arrange for a language translator as required

Our packages are booked with experienced local tour operators at local prices. All offer complete service, including all internal flights and transfer costs, hotels (2 to 5 star), meals, tour guide and excursion costs - although some entrance charges may apply, these are only a few Dollars - otherwise all costs are included

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Bangkok is a fantastic city, offering travellers a unique blend of traditional Thai architecture and ultra-modern city life

Pictured is the Grand Palace, home of the King of Siam. This contrasts vividly with the chaos of the famous floating market, and with the energetic nightlife


Situated to the south and est of Bangkok, Pattaya is a treasure of quality beach resorts and interesting temples

Beautiful Phuket

Phuket is a major tourist centre, and is renowned as the home of the James Bond movie that was filmed there. Phuket has it's own airport and is a one hour flight south west of Bangkok

Phuket city is probably the most expensive place in Thailand, and caters to the multitude of foreign visitors who grace its shops and beaches. Outside of the centre, prices are more reasonable, and the scenery is simply stunning

Situated south of Phuket, Krabi Islands offer a more relaxed experience for those travellers wishing to absorb the wonderful sights and entertainment of southern Thailand    
Northern Thailand

We offer several packages in Northern Thailand, where ethnic minorities and traditional ways of life are far more evident than in the bustling South

Our trips include adventure holidays for those wanting white water rafting, cycling, trekking and jungle adventures

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