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Nepal is a fascinating country, with a very long and unique history. It is the place where Asia meets India, and Arabia meets Sino-Asia - and is the place where pre-Buddhism can still be experienced first-hand ... and it is about Kathmandu, and the 60's spirit of foreigners who were adopted by local people
Nepal is not all about Everest and K2 - and if all you want serious mountaineering, then we are sorry, but this site is not for you. Our Nepal is all about real people and their culture
Geographically, Nepal is a small independent country with the worlds highest mountains to its North. This represents 1/3rd of the country. What you may not realise is that Nepal has large plains, and a jungle areas in the west, which is famous for a rare local Rhinoceros, and a distinct type of Bengal Tiger
Neither will you know that most tourism is based via international agencies in Kathmandu, who make vast sums of money, whilst paying your guides a pittance. Your guide may have to live away from home for 8 months each year, just to find work. We are Ethical Traders, and work directly with the guides themselves, and help them support their families and fragile village communities - Your money goes directly to them, not Fat-Cats living off them
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Important Note:

Dan is just back from a big trek to Mustang (on the Tibetan Plateau) with the bird-watching bunch from Manchester. I think everyone had a good time and I hope to see their pics and hear their stories in the next few days. So far there is peace in Nepal. Amazingly 7 political parties and the Maoists are still talking to one another about how to create a republic without killing or sending into exile their King. The people believe that they are getting what they want ...

At least there is peace and the tourists are back, but watch this space. The quickest route to the situation in Nepal is: www.nepalitimes.com

Made to Order Holidays

Dan Tamang with Everest in Background

We are please to provide any itinerary you wish, and can combine many diverse elements of your choice. Our experienced team can also advise you about what to see and do. Different members of your group can also choose different options and excursions. Below we have listed a sample of the more popular sight-seeing trips. We also have a selection of activity breaks, such as white water rafting, climbing and cycling

For real cultural exchange experiences, we can arrange for you to stay in small towns and rural villages, talk to locals and participate in local traditions and crafts. You can meet with, and even stay with, ordinary Nepali families, and we are happy to arrange for a language translator as required. Our packages are booked with experienced local guides. We offer complete service, including all internal flights and transfer costs, hotels (2 to 5 star), meals, tour guide and excursion / trekking costs

Please Note: Fighting between Maoist rebels and government forces continues to result in sporadic violence across the country, mainly in the East. While travellers are not directly under threat, the tense environment can deteriorate rapidly and leave visitors stranded. Travellers are urged to remain vigilant, avoid demonstrations, and to not travel when a strike, or bandh, is called. Our local knowledge can help keep you safe, and out guides will ensure you stay clear of any trouble

For an insight into real Nepali lives, you may be interested to read 'Water for Salle Village' and 'Agency Work'  To download please 'Right-click' mouse and select 'Save Target As'


Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is the Capital City of Nepal, and an enchanting place to visit. The city is made up of three towns, each having it's own unique flavour. Due to its relaxing atmosphere, Kathmandu became popular with 'Hippies' in the 70's, and whilst the tourist image has changed, you are still greeted with one of the most calming and welcoming auras of any city in the world

There are many places to see, including a wealth of temples and interesting carvings. This is where the Hindu and Buddhist worlds meet, and pre-Buddhist theologies are also present


Descent into Mera Camp, Solu Khumbu, Nepal

Truly the roof of the world, the Himalaya remained virtually untouched until the arrival of European adventurers a century ago. Now tourism forms a major part of the Country's economy

We do not offer mountaineering trips, as these are best left to professionals. We do have friends who are serious climbers, and we will gladly put you in touch with them, or click for details. We do offer guided treks on lower slopes, with tours lasting several weeks and stopping at local villages en route


National Parks
The Endangered Bengal Tiger

Nepal has many National Parks and Conservation areas. Many are home to indigenous species, including over 300 types of butterfly. The Parks also provide safe haven for endangered species such as the Bengal Tiger and One-horned Rhinoceros

As well as being a haven for flora and fauna, these parks also act to preserve the traditional peasant lifestyles of native ethnic cultures and their religious traditions. We are pleased to arrange tours of any Park as part of your itinerary


Adventure Breaks
Map of Nepal

For those who are interested in activity and outward bound holidays, we can provide a selection of popular pastimes. These include white water rafting, climbing, cycling and paracending in one of the most breath-taking and scenic parts of this planet

Please email us for further information, as some restrictions apply due to weather, as the four Nepali seasons can be quite diverse in certain parts and altitudes of this Country


Swoyambhunath Temple

Although Nepal is the home of Buddhism, Hindu is by far the most popular religion today, being practiced by 90% of the population. The temples, carvings and decorations can be quite stunning, as is the wealth of history associated with them. Many buildings or areas can trace their origins back over 2,500 years

Lumbini Garden near Kathmandu, is regarded as the Birthplace of Buddha, and a stone in this garden represents the site of his birth in 243bc. There are numerous Buddhist monasteries where you can learn about this fascinating way of life. There are also remnants of pre-Buddhist teachings and religions, dating to 'bc' times - some of which also include elements of early Christianity - sometimes 'Fact is Stranger than Fiction'

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