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China is a vast land full of wonderful scenery and architecture. It also boasts a diversity of cultures and traditions dating back over 10,000 years
What we do is help you plan the holiday you want - from the moment you arrive in China we can look after your every need, or we can supplement the needs of independent travellers
For some curious reason, real people like what I do locally. I have been asked to provide a page of 'Things I like to do & Places I like to go', as a basis for more local holidays in areas I frequent - 'Here is My China' - enjoy!

We offer personalised, tailor-made holidays for each individual within a group of travellers! You can each enjoy different tours and destinations, or do different things during the day, then meet later for dinner - it is our pleasure, and our service to you

Normally you will book your own flight to China, and arrange your own multi-entry tourist visa. Please stay for at least 3 weeks if possible, and longer is better - as there is so much to see and experience
If you plan to stay for several months, we can arrange for you to have your own apartment. A luxury 3-bed, 2 bath apartment in Foshan will cost around $400 per month fully inclusive; complete with furniture, bedding, TV, washing machine, fridge-freezer and air-conditioning, western kitchen, security and all bills
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China's Leading Tour Operator

Offer a vast resource for travellers in China

Also check-out their 'Community' pages for travel tips and local sight-seeing guides

Made to Order Holidays

Kung Fu Students Practiciing
Local Fisherman on River Li

As an independent traveller, you may find information in your excellent, old 'Rough Guide' is out of date. You may find your package deal stops you from meeting real people and everyday culture. We bridge the gap and offer true cultural exchange with specific local knowledge; and the chance to meet real, normal, everyday Chinese people. Independent travellers may like to read our information sheet, which is full of real-life tips and observations, although it is a bit long ... Please click on 'Cancel', if you get a stupid login pop-up

We are pleased to provide any itinerary you wish, and can combine many diverse elements of your choice. Our experienced team can also advise you about what to see and do. Different members of your group can also choose different options and excursions. Below we have listed a sample of the more popular sight-seeing trips

We have a selection of activity breaks, such as white water rafting, climbing and cycling. Is this all? No, we also have places available at China's foremost Kung Fu school, where you can learn Martial Arts under China's top Masters, or learn to perform the traditional Lion Dance or acrobatics. Bruce Lee is local to this area of China, Guangdong

For real cultural exchange experiences, we can arrange for you to stay in small towns and rural villages, talk to locals and participate in local traditions and crafts. You can meet with, and even stay with, ordinary Chinese families, and we are happy to arrange for a language translator as required

Our packages are booked with experienced local tour operators at Chinese prices. All offer complete service, including all internal flights and transfer costs, hotels (2 to 5 star), meals, tour guide and excursion costs - although some entrance charges may apply, these are only a few Dollars - otherwise all costs are included

Rear View over The Forbidden City

The modern Capital City of China, founded by Kubla Khan: 5 days from $400 inc flights, hotel and food, see everything, fully guided tours - this is a hectic schedule

Standard package includes: The Forbidden City, New Summer Palace, The Great Wall, Tianamen Square, Temple of Heaven, Acrobatic Displays, Peking Opera, shopping centres and street markets

We also include visits to Jade, Crystal and Cloisonné factories, as well as a free consultation by a traditional Chinese medical practitioner

Orient Pearl of Shanghai

This is the Cosmopolitan Capital of China: 5 days from $400 inc flights, hotel and food, see everything plus fully guided tours

Our fully guided excursion to Shanghai will show you all the local attractions, including: The Bund (Shanghai Wall Street), The Peoples Park and Peoples Square, Orient Pearl TV Tower (Pictured), and many other places of more historical interest

But Shanghai is not about sight-seeing in the traditional sense - this is a vibrant city, and one to experience first-hand: The truly international cuisine only found here, the night-life and cacophony of street-life make this City unlike any other

Terracotta Warriors

Xi'an is the Second Capital City of China's history: 4 days from $300 inc flights, hotel, food and guide

World famous for the Terra cotta Army (Note: Buy your souvenir's inside, the copies outside are more expensive), Xi'an also boasts a wealth of history and tradition. Xi'an is also home to a strong Muslim heritage, which is unusual in China. The City is ringed by ancient defensive walls 15 meters wide, and has many cultural areas worthy of investigation

What you will not realise until you visit, is the vast array of gorgeous food available in restaurants and street-bars - personally, it represents the nearest equivalent to International-British cuisine, in the whole of China

Rice Terraces in Yunnan

Bordering Vietnam, Laos and Burma; Yunnan is exquisite in it's scenic beauty and ethnic minorities - it is the home of fabled 'Shan g-ri la', and in some ways - is further from modern Beijing than New York

We offer standard 5-day'package' trips at a cost of around $300 fully inc - but you can only have so many options in so few days. If you have the time, I advise you to spend a whole month getting to know this diverse region, it's peoples and cultures ... it will change your perception of this world forever

Yunnan also offers more extreme sports and pastimes, for those wanting white-water sports, mountaineering and paracending - in one of the most scenic places on this small earth - please ask for details, and we will make a package for your group

Hong Kong & Macau
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Click Picture for Gallery

Hong Kong is the financial hub of Asia, and epitomises the full integration of Eastern and Western thinking like no other city. Our excursions to Hong Kong are varied, and can be a day trip or a week. You meet Western prices for the first time during your visit to China - so we suggest 2 or 3 days visit

Macau is now a top World Heritage site, and is exquisite in it's architectural beauty. It is also the Gambling capital of Asia, and rivals Monte Carlo and Las Vegas for it's wealth of Casino's. We offer gambling orientated trips, and also scenic and cultural alternatives

You will need a multi-entry Chinese visa to visit either Hong Kong or Macau, and return to China

Cycling near Guilin
Click Picture for Gallery

Beautiful Guilin is a paradise for foreign visitors. It is pictured on the reverse of the Y20 bank note - such is it's fame in the Orient

Our standard excursion to Guilin is 4 days, fully inc for $150 ... you may wish to spend several weeks there, which is no problem - it is a very special place. The scenery is magnificent, and the nightlife is full of Americans, Australians and British ... people like yourselves who were 'Just passing-through', but decided to stay a while

As for our service - If you decide, on the moment, that you would rather stay in Guilin, and skip Beijing or Shanghai = no problem, we will give you a refund and simply extend your stay there instead - seriously easy  :-)

Hainan Island
Diving coral reefs, Hainan Island

China's version of Beach-paradise - Hainan Island offers everything you would expect from an International Beach holiday resort:

Diving, Para-gliding, Surfing, Sail-boarding, Boat trips, Off-shore Game-fishing, Coral reefs, Sun-bathing and Nightlife ... Nightclubs are plentiful, as are impromptu Beach-Barbies - take your choice - or do both

Our packages start at $150 for 4 nights fully inc - excepting local sports. Diving the coral reefs costs around $20 per hour

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