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I do love music and am very keen to help promote new artists, old acts, new collabourations - whatever!
This page is dedicated to Independant Artists who are my personal friends or new associates. It is not about age, genre or skill; and definitely not about money nor marketing hype. It features those people I consider worthy of a far greater audience than the limited and self preserving mundanity offered by the incestous modern music moguls who control airplay, pricing structures; and who replace true talent with digital effects and over-sampling

I do believe a true musician should actually be able to sing and play an instrument without electronic aids - or essentially, a version of their track that is good listening, and shows their natural ability. I do not mean a world without a Fender Strat, Les Paul or Rowland, CuBase, nor artistic effects - the musicians reading this know exactly what I mean

All music featured here is written, produced and marketed by the Artists themselves - Enjoy!


I'm Gonna Kill You!
Carla Album:  Innocence Falls

Renowned for her superb singing voice and a prodigious writing talent, Carla is the only person I know-of who has actually made a difference to the International World of local indie artists. All her tracks are written, played and produced by herself, every single note!

Carla is currently working on her Second Album, and I am also urging her to include a couple of stunning tracks - that ultimately did not fit the theme of her first album

Her First Album release is a complete Ten Song Album including the Radio Hits 'Innocence Falls', 'Broken Wall' and 'Energia'

Hear Carla's music: : Innocence Falls

Our latest interview: txt format ... Listen now ... Phonecam vid

Guile Live
Guile Single:  Serendipity

A brilliant new band from Cannock, UK who are very active on the local and national gig circuits. New tour details due soon, please check their site for latest details ...

It is rare for a band to show such talent and dedication to music, as opposed to the hype - as the band say "To me, a lot of bands breaking through at the moment are far too concerned with style over content". Guile let their music do the talking

30 second download on this site: Serendipity

Guile website for more:


Our latest interview: txt format ... Listen now ... Phonecam Vid

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