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  John Morris, Director
I love Chinese music, and the artists mentioned here, I feel, have something of pure genius to offer the worlds of music and emotions
I am hoping to shortly offer some tracks for download, or give appropriate links - I may have little respect for the money-moguls and faceless accountants that drive the modern music industry, but I am very aware of the individual Artiste, plus the credit and respect they deserve for their creations


Liu Fang Liu Fang Album:  A Voice Inebriate

Renowned as the foremost Chinese-bow virtuoso in China, Liu Fang suddenly produces the most amazing voice on this, her third album

Try tracks 4 &15 - disc two, and tell me I am not wrong - Stunning music!



Tongli Tong Li Album:  The Exclusive 'Is Love Sin ?'

A brilliant voice gives life to a fantastic mix of emotions. Who dares suggest Music is not The only true International language? Track 2, 'Every Corner', is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard - Perfect!

Every Corner.mp3 - awaiting permission to offer download

I love this album - more please!

Beyond Music: Go to YouTube
Beyond are a famous rock band from Hong Kong, founded in 1983. They have always identified with the people of Hong Kong, as is reflected in their songs - Which are extremely popular even today, some 10 years after their lead singer died. In the West you could compare them to Queen in stature and longevity

The link above to YouTube lists covers of their Standard "One Night in Beijing", which is one of the few songs I can sing in Chinese - including falsetto! I recommend Shim for boys, and Chris for girls (The subtitles are in Cantonese btw). You can get a copy of the words here . The meanings hidden within the words are quite complex, and the Falsetto parody's Beijing Opera. Personally, it is a very fitting tribute to One Unforgettable Night I Spent in Beijing - but that is another story hahaha...

There are many other listings for Beyond, and a great resource is found at Also just like Queen, they are reformed and now playing new music to new audiences
12 Girls Band Music: Go to YouTube
Formed in 2001, 12 Girls Band has won International acclaim for their modern interpretations of classical Tang Dynasty music. Now 1, 500 years later, their virtuoso performances have grown to include Western classicism plus modern dance music. Most astonishing, is how these ancient instruments adapt to playing Irish Folk music. If you like Bond, you will love this music!
Pang Long Album:  You Are My Rose
The Title track of this album has become a Chinese Standard, which is usually known as 'Ni Shi Wo De Mei Gui Hua'. Given that line of Mandarin, you should be able to sing about half of this catchy song immediately!

Pang Long tried to retire, but was constantly requested to make guest appearances. As a result, he has given up retirement and is now busy working on new songs. I am trying to get permission to offer you a download of this song - please call back later
Teresa Teresa Album:  Teresa's Blues

Teresa is a Taiwanese virtuoso of Chinese-bow - probably the saddest instrument in the whole wide world - somewhere between a viola and cello, and a million tears in every note. Not for the faint-hearted

This album is purely instrumental, but will ring your heart like nothing you have experienced, ever! You better start with Track One

Dao Lang

Dao Lang

Album:  Chinese Folk Songs 2002

A 3 disc compilation of China's finest folk songs - and by folk music, I mean traditional songs sung in a semi-modern format

As with all really good music, you do not need to understand the words in order to feel the emotions generated by the tracks



Album:  Winter Album

This Girl-pop-band is probably the biggest phenomena in Asia. I chose this album as a lot of tracks are in English, and it is a very good introduction to modern Chinese pop music. Also check out 'Encore' a vcd/hvcd/vcshvcd3dmp4 thingymagig

It's Pop, but not as you know it - check-out China Girl and Cinderella

If this is not your genre, try the above - or call back next time

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