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  John Morris, Director
I have always had a strong interest in music and own an old Eko 12 string guitar, which I play quite badly. I have written over 50 songs myself, and love to collaborate with other musicians and develop new music genres
I have always loved live music, and watch local bands, as well as famous ones, with equal enthusiasm. These pages will feature friends and musicians who are looking to expand their musical horizons
My good friend Carla operates Melodrift Online Record Label. She is a singer/songwriter with a superb voice and writing talent. The label grew from her own frustrations, known to many independent musicians - how do I get airplay! Melodrift is designed for independent musicians who are looking for resources, tutorials, help, useful links and online collaborations
Indie News Live is also run by her and Wes. It is aimed at promoting more established bands, and giving them access to promotion and airplay
Recently, JJ has opened a recording studio in Foshan, China, where you can have your own songs professionally mastered and put into CD format. We are currently working to bring Chinese music to the world, and also promote regional events and festivals
Music has always been very important to me, and if it amuses you - take a look at the links below:
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