Silk Embroidery Pictures 026
This is one of the most famous Chinese stories in existance. Detail below:
And a closer view of an actual embroidery - the Bridge in enlargement 2 above:
DeLuxe Only. This is the most highly skilled work, and the minute details are truly awesome!
Each tapestry comes with signed Certificate from the artist, and both Chinese and English versions of the fable - enjoy!
Picture Size
Fabric with Scroll Ends
Plastic Glass
w 2 Meters x h 100mm
$ 160
$ 330
$ 400
w 3 Meters x h 150mm
$ 190
$ 360
$ 430
w 5 Meters x h 250mm
$ 250
$ 450
$ 520
Retail price guidelines above include 'Reasonable' worldwide delivery (Exceptions like Antarctica at extra charge)
Delivery via DHL: Fully insured to your door. Proof of ID and your inspection required upon delivery
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