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Gap Years have become increasingly popular in recent years, and are acknowledged as the final step in completing a students learning. The emphasis is on learning 'Life-skills' to prepare the person for life in the working world
The object is to spend one year working abroad, often in a voluntary capacity, helping those less fortunate peoples improve their lives. Often students find real work they enjoy, and decide to live in the Country they came to visit
If you are considering Gap Year options in any of the Countries we are associated with, then please contact us. We can usually provide options in China, Peru, Nepal and Thailand, such as renovation of the Great Wall of China, Archaeological digs and some small water and electricity projects
A Gap Year can also become a round the world trip, and as we have contacts in many Countries, we may be able to help you find work and friendship when arriving at a new destination. Please email your cv and areas of interest or itinerary
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