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  Graviola tree (Annona muricata) aka Soursop
Graviola tree (Annona muricata) aka Soursop
Uses: Cancer (all types); as a broad-spectrum internal and external antimicrobial to treat bacterial and fungal infections; for internal parasites and worms; for high blood pressure; for depression, stress, and nervous disorders. Tranquiliser and sedative

Related product: Asimina triloba (Paw Paw) – Cancer. These are different plants, though are often confused with one another. Both have similar properties

Graviola tree, also known as soursop, is found in the Amazon jungle and some of the Caribbean islands. The graviola tree (Annona muricata) produces a delicious fruit commonly called paw-paw, which is widely consumed by indigenous peoples. The fruit and the leaves of graviola are used in traditional medicine for their tranquillizing and sedative properties.

We have several documented cases of Graviola (Extract of boiled leaves) curing cancer, please email for details. Other studies regarding graviola's anti-cancer potential are intriguing and certainly worth exploring - Download Factsheet. In the meantime, it is prudent to take breaks from use of graviola, for instance one week off each month, and perhaps one or two days off each week



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