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This page currently links to our Laos wood-carvings page, but will later expand to become a showcase for many items from the Khmer Peninsula - which I will roughly translate as Burma (Myanmar), Siam (Thailand), Cambodia (Kampuchea), Laos and Vietnam. Additionally, we will eventually include local products and skilled workmanships from neighbouring Countries; such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Pacific Islands

This is in association with our Companys' Ethical Trading Policy of Local Development Enterprise & Fair Trade Initiatives ... more - we have much work to do before we can offer these peoples products for sale, so please be patient and call back later for other offers direct from the peasants and villages concerned. Meanwhile, please look below at the products from one small village in Laos; specialising in Traditional Chinese Tea Tables and Object D'art

The Road That Has No End:
How We Traded Our Ordinary Lives For a Global Bicycle Touring Adventure

Tim and Cindie Travis

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Beautiful Hand-Crafted Lao Tea-Tables

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This girl is very pretty, and full of 'Life'. She is well paid, earning US $ 40 per month. She has options to earn half as much picking tea, or 1/5th clearing American 'cluster-bombs' from the hillside, a daily reminder for them of the 'Vietnam War', some 30-odd years later:- Her Mother wants her to 'Advance Herself', by becoming a 'Wife'?

I am making a small difference to the life she leads, and that of her village. I do refuse to give the Boss money, but with your help, I will upgrade the water supply and electricity provision, for what can I do? I am just a small person who is determined to make a difference to the daily lives of the less-fortunate amongst us

Perhaps you should watch the DVD 'Beyond Borders' featuring Angelia Jolie; then let me know about these peoples' real world, as it applies to them. Suggestions appreciated


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