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As a support to our aim to promote cultural exchange, we already supply pen-pal links between Schools in China, UK and Nepal

This service is totally free, and although in future, we would obviously like to provide services for Summer Camps and pupil exchanges - this section is not about money - it is about children in one Country communicating and understanding children in another very different culture
What we look for, is to form a relationship with a teacher, a class, and a school in one Country ... and put them in touch with another teacher, class and school eleswhere in the world. It is a mutually rewarding scheme, and can form the basis of a class project - but with real inter-cultural interactions
We already have an online Forum, but need moderators - as above all, this has to be a safe and satisfying experience for our impressionable off-spring. There are also children in this world who have never seen a computer, yet, and snail-mail still works
We are very interested to hear from any Schools or establishments that are interested in joining our scheme - but you will be personally vetted to ensure the safety of our young - ie, our representative will visit your school and check 'You are who you say you are' etc. Individuals should approach us via their School

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