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Al's Way

Local Resources for Younger People With Dementia in Wyre Forest

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Al's Way is a place where we can meet together and learn from each other

Some of the guest speakers at Al's Way specialise in education and advice for carers of dementia sufferers. This provides a source of, and signposting to, specialist information

As part of our program we will provide training for support workers and other services engaged with Younger People With Dementia in wider Worcestershire

The service will provide initial carer training, to be continued by carers for carers'. This will present carers with an opportunity to form a support group appropriate to their needs

As our service expands we hope to provide practical 'hands-on' experience for students of dementia illness, in association with interested medical bodies and appropriate research and teaching organizations

However, our aim remains to provide you with advice, information and support to enable you to best care for your loved one

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