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This is the part where you may start to question your own sanity - so stay strong and let us help you deal with it

If you are not ready to face talking about Wills, Enduring Power of Attourney, Trusts, Domicilliary Care and Homes then please go to another area of this site. When you are ready we will be here to help you. This page is where your dreams come face-to-face with your reality & ensuring a stable future is what you owe to your loved one - and to yourself

We will generalise a very important part of our services, as each individual has there own situation and specific needs. Leaflets are available at Al's Way outlining the basic steps and precautions you may need to consider. We also have access to professional help from those whom understand and empathize with your current situation. This is not a recommendation that one solicitor is better than another; your personal finances are none of our business. We just wish to highlight areas you should be aware of & for those that do not have recourse to a professional they trust - simply to act as a signpost - a guide

In the early stages there are Agencies that specialise in placing sufferers in suitable jobs. Driving can be an issue, but help is available via community funded transport schemes.

Later you may need to make financial provisions for yourself and your off-spring and ensure funds are controlled appropriately. Trusts are a good idea, as is an Enduring Power of Attourney

Laterly, the costs of Private Nursing or a suitable Nursing Home may wipe out any savings & investments you have, including your home. We are here to help you make the right choices. A very good guide can be found here:


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