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One of the greatest trials sufferers and carers face outside of the immediacy of their daily lives, is how to deal with the wider issues of family acceptance, compassion & communication. As a carer you will be torn between what to say, what not to say and when to say it. Eventually you will realise that family support is essential to your own wellbeing

Your ability to support and care for your loved one can seem like a mountain to climb at times. The support you give the sufferer is 24 hours a day, 7 days of every week. You should never under-estimate the depth of this commitment and the toll it takes on you personally. All your plans, dreams, personal thoughts and emotions have been deeply affected by this cruel hand Fate has dealt you. We know

You must learn to make some time for yourself & to be slightly selfish. If you do not you may be left floundering in the wake of the diseases onslaught. In being strong for yourself you will also be strong for your loved one

Family Therapy is an essential part of our program & information is avialable at Al's Way and later via professional support confidentialy tailored to your personal situation

Arranging to have a different family member phone at least once a week, or by taking turns to provide a day out or activity is helpful, but may be dependant on the family realising the extent of the problem & level of support required - not always easy

Sometimes the best way forward is to organise an Official meeting involving all Family Members, Doctors / Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Community Health Workers & other appropriate parties. This is your life and your chance to influence the level of support you need, and also to tell everyone just how difficult this is even with professional support


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