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Following diagnosis, drug treatment may be offered to influence the cholernergic neurotransmitter system & hence slowing down the rate of decline. Currently three main prescibed drugs are available for younger people suffering from Alzheimer's disease:

Aricept (Donepezil); Exalon (Revastigmine); Reminyl (Galantamine)

Other beneficail supplements include Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex (Especially B1 & B12) and Folic Acid

Pharmacological approaches may help, but certain sufferers or types of Dementia may respond better to other approaches. The phycological profile of the sufferer should be addressed & assessed for their benefit. Treatments including pyschosocial interventions and theraputic activities may be more beneficial regarding behavioural problems and the underlying emotional wellbeing. Work done by organizations such as The Clive Project in Oxford can be enlightening when trying to understand the sufferers personal world

As regards to Alcohol & other recreational drugs - we would recommend a rule of thunb that relates to the individual concerned - but relative to their Assessed mental age. These mind-altering drugs do just that, alter a sufferers mind. The personality may change with every drink ... and some may become very Aggressive, you have been warned!

An occassional night in the local, or time spent with friends can be the very best of therapy ... but you need to be there for those that depend on you. Be very strict - for them. In the early stages it is so very easy to get it wrong, with all the best of intentions; we know

Finding the right balance of drugs & activities is the very best of therapy

Click here for a listing of commonly prescribed drugs, then click the associated link for a description of the drug you are intersted in

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