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Local Resources for Younger People With Dementia in Wyre Forest

Dave and Dawn Edmonds - Happy Times in Wales
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Please check directly with Al's Way for the very latest information and guidance. We endevour to update this page as often as possible - but sometimes 'Life just gets in the way'

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Al's Way
1, Snuffmill Walk

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You may also download relevant information not found anywhere else on this site below. We are deeply indebted to The Clive Project and other caring organisations and people for allowing us to promote their resources, thank you

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Sally Bradbury has written the most brilliant factsheet about dementia, please take a look below


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it, download the free version here:


Below are some of the interesting articles which suppliment the details given on this site

What is Dementia

"There is a little more to being a 'Carer' ... sometimes you can have your own life, for a few precious moments at least. I went from the girl who achieved everything, to crying over this most excellent track by Cassandra Wilson - from her album 'New Moon Daughter' ... 'Until'

I make no apologies for this being a slightly 'Odd' page. 'Odd' and 'Normal' seem to be in 'Juxtapotition' at the moment, C'est la vie. Maybe I should have called this Page 'Bits & Pieces', because this is what my daily life actaully feels like - too often" Dawn


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