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Al's Way

Local Resources for Younger People With Dementia in Wyre Forest

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Care Services for Younger People With Dementia tend to mirror the three stages of the disease. It is our personal experience that carers are best to concentrate solely on the degree the disease has reached. We urge you not to spend your time worrying about the later stages when a person needs your support in the here-and-now!

That said, we aim to provide sound support & advice to all in the Wyre Forest area that seek information about Dementia concerning the Younger Person

Al's Way, Al's Cafe and our email address are your first point of contact

As the Dementia progresses, other forms of support may be more applicable, for example 'Outreach' services where a qualified helper or Occupational Therapist visits you regularly at home and he or she engages in understanding and appropriate activities. This support is usually provided free of charge

If or when a person progresses to the later stages of Dementia, you may need to consider nursing care; either in the home or in a home. Both options are likely to be expensive and are usually not tailored to the specific needs and requirements of Younger People With Dementia

However, things are slowly changing & our group is committed to giving you the latest and most appropriate information for your circumstances. We also intend to make these changes happen for the benefit of us all

Please get in touch - we are here to help

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