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Claiming your benefit entitlements and finding out exactly what they are is often a difficult task. We are currently compiling a comprehensive guide with professional assistance based on guest speakers talks given at Al's Cafe. As this is very extensive we will offer the full text for download here shortly

One of the major associated problems is the fact that Incapacity Benefit can only be claimed initially within the first three years of a disease. Whilst in general this presents little problem for most people, the slow onset of Dementia means that many sufferers are in danger of exceeding the three year period before a diagnosis is even sought. This can at best make claiming appropriate financial support more difficult, and at worst leave you in dire financial straights

We fully appreciate the difficulties faced when you begin to wonder if something may be slightly wrong with a loved one - was it just a momentary aberration, did you imagine it etc.

You may have decided to seek medical help, only to find the symptoms were put down to stress - a few pills and some time may have been perscribed. Many in the medical professions are now alert to the fact that Younger People can develope Dementia. With no disrespect intended, this is not always the case. Time is critical

Early clinical diagnosis is vital to the sufferers wellbeing

It is equally vital to their financial wellbeing

Please call back for our full online information pack. In the meantime why not visit Al's Cafe where leaflets, talks and advice are freely available

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