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Al's Way

Local Resources for Younger People With Dementia in Wyre Forest

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We are a group of people just like yourselves trying to make a difference to the everyday lives of Younger People With Dementia, their families & carers

Working Age Dementia sufferers include people who suffer from Alzheimer's Disease, Vascular Dementia, Lewy Bodies & Korsakoff's Syndrome, and are under the age of 65

Currently we run Al's Way, which is a charitable organisation funded by Subsidies and Donations. We work alongside local Health providers, and aim to bridge the gap between what the Government funds, and what is actually provided locally

Al's Way currently provides a centre in Bewdley for daily drop-in's; supported by qualified Social Workers, assistants, and proactive volunteers. We also provide 'At-Home' support for more advanced cases, offering a small relief to carers

Al's Way is a place where sufferers can go for genuine support and activities. It is also a place people can meet others in similar circumstances, in a relaxed and friendly environment, share thoughts, experiences and ideas as well as gaining friendship, education and advice

We are also hoping to expand the services offered in a practical day to day manner with the support of local health and advisory services. However our bids for realistic funding and charity status dictate the pace of development - watch this space

Our aim is to increase the quality of life for both sufferers and carers by developing a service tailor made to the specific requirements of dementia in younger people. Al's Way is proving to be very popular, so come along and meet us - your ideas and suggestions are most welcome

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