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Local Resources for Younger People With Dementia in Wyre Forest

Dave and Dawn Edmonds - Happy Times in Wales
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"At first there was 'nothing' ... occasionally Dave would say or do something slightly 'Odd', an aberration. Very slowly I began to wonder if everything was all right, but his easy smile and gentle ways of  love and familiarity let me find a rational explanation - after all, we were in the Himalayas' and it was probably some form of altitude sickness; right? Later we were in Australia, and I finally had to confront the fact that something was very 'WRONG' with the man I love. The nightmare had begun .....

This is the story of what happened in our lives, and what you read here is a part of what we did about it ... what I have done for him, my husband, my Dave". Dawn

... Al's Way ...

Whatever your circumstances we aim to provide support, shared care and social inclusion to younger adults with dementia, or suspected dementia in the Wyre Forest area of Worcestershire

Call in at Al's Way in Bewdley, or visit Al's Cafe for a social evening in relaxed surroundings, where you can listen to guest speakers, seek advice and support or simply talk to others that understand. Surf our pages for information that is relevant to your situation. We are eager to learn, share experiences & develope services to assist those living in a shadow world. We also provide resources, reference & the latest information concerning support for Younger People With Dementia

Al's Way is primarily for younger sufferers of Alzheimer's Disease, and closely related diseases. We also offer resources and contacts for sufferers of other forms of dementia

Working Age Dementia (WAD) or Early-Onset Dementia (EOD) or Pre-Senile Dementia (PSD) affects a growing number of people. We aim to help them and their Carers navigate their daily lives, helping people find a secure and friendly place in an often unwelcoming world

Al's Way is run and maintained by Carers and Friends of Younger People With Dementia - for the benefit of Younger People With Dementia, and their Carers

Visit us in person at Al's Way, or drop us a line at

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This site is unfinished, and will remain so, courtesy of the various dimentions of dementia, and our ability to interpret each one. I decided to publish this - because, just sometimes - ' 'The needs of 'The One' outweigh the needs of the many" - William Shatner'


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